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Books about religion and science

Berkshire has long published books on world religions and included religion, philosophy, and spiritual traditions in other publications. It's important to us to reach across political divides, both internationally and here at home, so we're always glad when a religious institution buys our books or explores our offerings. For example, here are a few books

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Sustainability Values

Abstract: Conceptualizations of human values play a central role in the theory and practice of sustainability. How humans value the natural environment is central to how resources are distributed. A values typology, an arrangement of values by type, shows how humans express worth. Theories of sustainability must account for values differences, their measurement, and a system

The Last Chinese Chef by Nicole Mones

Among our favorite books about China are the novels of Nicole Mones, who first went to China to start her own import business when she was 25. Not many business people become novelists, and not enough people write entertaining novels that help explain Chinese history, culture, and values to a broader audience. By “values,” I don’t

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Barbara Tropp and Pink Root Ends

One of my favorite cookbooks has been, for years and long before I thought of food publishing, Barbara Tropp’s 1982 The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking. It doesn’t have the glossy photographs of Fuchsia Dunlop’s books, and the recipes are long – which might suggest complexity. But what Tropp does is take the reader by the hand and, with words, helps us see and taste and feel – before we write a shopping list or pick up a knife.

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