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Jesus or Hitler? Data analysis from the Encyclopedia of Leadership

In 2004, SAGE published the Berkshire-conceived Encyclopedia of Leadership. It was the first comprehensive survey of leadership studies and contains 1.2 million words divided among 375 referred articles, 3 appendices, 300 sidebars, and 150 illustrations.  The entire project was developed Berkshire Publishing with an editorial board of 16 leadership scholars, with James MacGregor Burns as Senior Editor. Exploring

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Educating policy makers as an EDWOSB

After writing today's letter about our EDWOSB certification, I realized that readers might wonder just what I was thinking of selling to the US government. History books? Well, that would be nice, but I'm thinking more about China and sustainability. And not just about books, or ebooks, or online resources, but about actual training. Government

More Lessons from World War II

World War II has been on my mind this year, so when I noticed a small red paperback on a bookshelf and realized it was a bit of propaganda written by Daphne du Maurier, the hugely popular novelist, I started reading it.The book was published when groups on both sides of the Atlantic were trying to

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Amazon No Smiles

This is going to be a chronological report of Amazon's latest, and so far most incompetent, assault on small publishers and self-published authors: Friday Saturday Sunday Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support, I realize the importance this has for you and your business. I know this has an impact on your business, and I will

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How to run a neighborhood email group

I've been running a listserv called TheHillGB for some years now, and just received this question from a member: "I am considering creating a listserv for work-related purposes. As moderator of this list, do you have any good resources for the whats and hows of developing and maintaining a strong, functional listerv?" (The word listserv was original

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Home Ecology Tips in English and Chinese

Our friend and colleague Catherine ZHOU kindly translated some introductory sections from Karen Christensen's  in-progress book Home Ecology. Versions of these tips were included in some of her previous books, and she is busy compiling and writing a new guide that will focus on preparing for climate change, but also deal with other issues close to

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How to Help a Tree in Distress

Karin Vaneker, a writer and activist in the Netherlands, has been helping me by tackling subjects that haven’t yet attracted much scholarly research for the second edition of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability. She’s written, for example, on including composting and community gardens - important, relevant, and yet somehow a little too close to home for


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