We’re all facing challenges today, and are happy that we’ve made an effort over the last few months to put our books online in ways more convenient for teaching and economical for schools.

As you work with students remotely, we hope you’ll try our various collections. In particular, why not try a free sample ebook from our Big History Collection? This collection available for e-licensing to schools. Some teachers like to use selections from books (copies of chapters or encyclopedia articles). In that case, you can easily get the required permissions via Copyright Clearance Center.

If your school has unique needs, don’t hesitate to contact us about special arrangements. We want to support your teaching and your students, and we are actively developing new material to help in teaching about the changing world we face today. Write to us by clicking here.

The books on offer today are:
  1. This Fleeting World by David Christian
  2. Big History, Small World by Cynthia Stokes Brown
  3. Big History: A Berkshire Essential by David Christian, Jerry Bentley, J. R. McNeill et al.

Click here to choose your free ebook.


This Fleeting World
(AP World History
& Teachers’ Edition):
A Short History
of Humanity

$9.95 – $29.95

Big History, Small World:
From the Big Bang to You


Big History: a
Berkshire Essential