JSTOR is a treasure trove of books and journals, used by people around the world. It’s generally accessed through a library account, but you can also set up a personal account to get a look at a few articles at a time. We’ve had a few Berkshire titles available through JSTOR, but decided that 2024 was the time to expand that list. We have even included some of our older major reference, like the 6-volume Encyclopedia of Modern Asia (originally published by Scribners and winner of major library awards). To give you an idea of what this contains, see below for a couple of sample articles.

The following samples come from the 6-volume, 3,000-page Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, as examples of the less predictable content, on topics that may be of interest in the classroom.

For more details, download this 5-page flyer“Accessible to everyone: students will find the lists for further reading particularly useful, and non-specialists will appreciate the consistent clarity and the absence of heavy jargon. Filling a gap in the literature, this work should be a mainstay in academic, high school, and public libraries. This book was an LJ Best Reference pick.” –Library Journal. “More than 2,600 accessible entries … expressing the diversity of modern Asia from a variety of Asian perspectives while also indicating Western viewpoints. The only resource providing such comprehensive and diverse treatment of the topic, Encyclopedia of Modern Asia is highly recommended for academic and public libraries. Its accessible style makes it worth considering for high-school libraries as well.” –Booklist.

JSTOR calls itself “a digital library for the intellectually curious.” It is a not-for-profit that aims “to reduce costs, extend access, and preserve scholarship for the future” and believes “in the power of knowledge to change the world for the better.” There could hardly be a better fit for Berkshire, which publishes “knowledge for our common future.”

And the JSTOR platform is technically impressive. We like the way our publications are presented, and the tools that are available, including datasets and text analysis.

The one change we’re hoping to see if to have our big works available as separate articles. The Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, for example, has nearly 3,000 articles, and a user might just want one or two, just as when checking journal articles. At the moment, our content is divided by letter group (all As, all Bs, and so on).

Click here for the current list, and see below for some of the titles:

Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography
Berkshire Encyclopedia of China
Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports
Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction
Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability
Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, 2nd Edition
Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, 3rd Edition
Education in China: Educational History, Models, and Initiatives
Eminent Chinese of the Qing Period: 1644-1912
Encyclopedia of African and African-American Religions
Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism
Encyclopedia of Modern Asia
Encyclopedia of Pentecostal and Charismatic Christianity
Encyclopedia of Religion and War
Encyclopedia of Religion, Communication, and Media
Encyclopedia of Religious Rites, Rituals, and Festivals
Encyclopedia of World Environmental History
Global Perspectives on the United States
Health and Illness: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia
Homelessness Handbook
The Internet in China: Cultural, Political, and Social Dimensions
Invisible Poets: Afro-Americans of the Nineteenth Century
Patterns of Global Terrorism
Touchdown: An American Obsession
World History Teaching in Asia: A Comparative Survey

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