For Immediate Release: 9 March 2012
Berkshire Essentials: The Little Book of Mormon and World Environmental History
Two New Berkshire Essentials Available from Berkshire Publishing

• 978-1-61472-981-5
• ebook
• $9.95
116 pages

Here is a quiz question: What links a current hit Broadway musical and a contemporary presidential hopeful? (Hint, the answer is not “Wicked”!) To help you arrive at the solution Berkshire Publishing presents The Little Book of Mormon: 11 Experts Explain the History, Beliefs, and Rituals of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a compilation of articles from Berkshire publications including the Religion and Society series, the Encyclopedia of Community, the Encyclopedia of Leadership, and the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability.

This little book gives a balanced overview of the history, beliefs, rituals, and idealogies of the Latter Day Saints, and contains a new article not found in any of our previous publications, a biography of Joseph Smith Jr.

The Little Book of Mormon is available as an e-book on Nook, Kobo, or Kindle, priced at $9.95.

• 978-1-933782-96-6
• 244 pages
• Paperback
• $29.95

Berkshire Essentials: World Environmental History brings together in one volume Berkshire Publishing’s impressive network of environmental scientists, botanists, ecologists, sociologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, and naturalists. Exploring not only how human intervention affects the biosphere, but considering biological and geological processes as part of history, it takes an interdisciplinary approach to this timely subject.

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