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Karen Christensen is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and occasional scholar who also writes about how women gain and wield power. She is the owner and CEO of Berkshire Publishing Group, a research associate of the Fairbank Center at Harvard, a member of the National Committee on US-China Relations, and founder of the Train Campaign. She was a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Press, Read Karen’s occasional dispatches from the frontlines of international publishing at Karen's Letter on Substack, and follow her on Twitter etc @karenchristenze.

Gastrodiplomacy in China; T S Eliot’s Love Letters

Chinese food, anyone? I'll be co-presenting a program about gastrodiplomacy at Schwarzman College in Beijing next month, and I am looking for stories to share, from history as well as personal experience. Schwarzman College 苏世民书院 is a residential college at Tsinghua University. Schwarzman scholarships are modeled on the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford. The one-year MA program,

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Tyrannical Leadership

"Show, don't tell." This is common advice for writers, and for marketers, too. I found myself thinking about "showing" this week as I made a mental list of the enlightening projects I have worked on. The Encyclopedia of Leadership is one. Here's an article from it on "Tyrannical Leadership" that is all too relevant right now. Tyranny, as

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First Look at the T S Eliot – Emily Hale Letters (podcast)

In what one scholar called “the literary event of the decade,” on 2 January 2020, Princeton University Library opened up more than 1,100 letters that the Nobel-Prize-winning poet T.S. Eliot wrote over the course of three decades to an American speech professor and amateur actress named Emily Hale. The day became even more newsworthy

The Spirit of Sustainability: print or digital, which is “greener”?

When we published the Encyclopedia of Sustainability in 2012, a librarian wrote, “That goes against the spirit of sustainability.” I got a similar response this week, so I want to explain why we publish in print and online, and why online is not “green.” An ebook probably kills more trees through deforestation than an equivalent print book, and

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What is a “third place,” and do you have one?

The term “happy place” is not in the Oxford English Dictionary (though “happy slap” is), but I’ve been hearing the term a lot. There’s even a new shop in Great Barrington called HappyPlace Berkshires. I first dismissed it as therapeutic slang, but discovered that the concept actually goes back to the Greeks: a utopia is a

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