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About Karen Christensen

Karen Christensen is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and occasional scholar who also writes about how women gain and wield power. She is the owner and CEO of Berkshire Publishing Group, a research associate of the Fairbank Center at Harvard, a member of the National Committee on US-China Relations, and founder of the Train Campaign. She was a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Press, Read Karen’s occasional dispatches from the frontlines of international publishing at Karen's Letter on Substack, and follow her on Twitter etc @karenchristenze.

Jesus or Hitler? Data analysis from the Encyclopedia of Leadership

In 2004, SAGE published the Berkshire-conceived Encyclopedia of Leadership. It was the first comprehensive survey of leadership studies and contains 1.2 million words divided among 375 referred articles, 3 appendices, 300 sidebars, and 150 illustrations.  The entire project was developed Berkshire Publishing with an editorial board of 16 leadership scholars, with James MacGregor Burns as Senior Editor. Exploring

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Railways and Sustainability

Abstract: Railways for passengers and freight offer strategic advantages in terms of energy efficiency and the ease of adaptation to electric mobility. The relatively small infrastructure footprint of modern rail also facilitates integration into densely developed spaces like city centers. These advantages and other benefits—such as the economic revival of regions left behind by globalization—fit well

Educating policy makers as an EDWOSB

After writing today's letter about our EDWOSB certification, I realized that readers might wonder just what I was thinking of selling to the US government. History books? Well, that would be nice, but I'm thinking more about China and sustainability. And not just about books, or ebooks, or online resources, but about actual training. Government


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