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Pairing Wine with Chinese Food – Do!

Christine Parkinson shares what she’s learned about pairing wine with Chinese food – not only Cantonese but other Chinese cuisines – and offers Berkshire Bookworld listeners some new ideas about what to drink and how to learn about what wines work with different Chinese dishes. It’s no surprise that she has been called “one of the most

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Sichuan summer dishes

We're charmed by the writing and photographs by food blogger Elaine in Sichuan, China, after coming across her page about Chinese Dishes for Hot Summers when searching for some Sichuan summer dishes: China Sichuan Food. It's a rare thing to find a Chinese writer presenting dishes in English for a global audience, and she does a great

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Chinese Thanksgiving Meal

If you’d like to try something new for Thanksgiving rather than the usual turkey (or tofurkey) and cranberry sauce, take a look at our “alternative” meal based on recipes from Yuan Mei’s eighteenth-century gastronomical manual Recipes from the Garden of Contentment. The book is a series of opinionated essays rather than what we think of as a

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Emperor’s Cabbage Salad 乾隆白菜

My friend apologized that the area of Beijing had only local restaurants, nothing grand, but I learned long ago that there is fabulous food in hole-in-the-wall places in China. I didn’t explain just how down and dirty I would happily go, since I’d already shocked enough people by riding the subway to meeting with senior executives.

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Pairing Wines with Chinese Food

Since I began working on the Encyclopedia of Chinese Cuisines, questions about wine pairing constantly come up. Can you, or should you, drink wine with Chinese food? Which wine should you drink? Which wine should you serve Chinese guests? When I use the word wine, I mean wines made in the European tradition from grapes, not

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Keeping it casual: Chinese food on the run

I've never had trouble throwing together a quick meal or a snack, but once I started learning about Chinese food that changed. I couldn't easily imagine how to fit together the various ingredients in my pantry and fridge. But after having Chinese guests staying with me for a few days recently, my culinary imagination is improving.

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Summer Green Vegetables

When I was getting ready to talk about Chinese food and sustainability last week on the China-US Women's Foundation  Women's Power Tool Kit series (postponed because of the hurricane, which knocked out our internet for 2 days) and posting the podcast from LouisianaEats!, I discovered that I had no photos of myself in the kitchen. Since

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Yuan Mei´s Winged Tribe

Yuan Mei 袁枚 (1716–1798) was one of China´s most important literary figures of the Qing dynasty. Besides poetry and essays, he also wrote a gastronomical manual, Recipes from the Garden of Contentment (Suiyuan Shidan 隨園食單). This collection of recipes is heavily flavored with Yuan´s personal comments on ingredients, local customs, and culinary traditions. It not

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Breakfast Philippine Style

Unlike in the West, breakfast in Asia often contains savory dishes, including rice, pickled vegetables, steamed buns, and even noodles. In the Philippines, a favorite breakfast item is sinangag, or garlic fried rice. It uses the rice left over from the previous evening, which is fried and served with crispy baked garlic. It can be served

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