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Berkshire Publishing Group 宝库山 is a boutique educational and academic press, specializing in books and online resources in international relations, cross-cultural communication, global business and economic information, and environmental sustainability. We are known for our publications about China and for our partnerships with Chinese presses.

Winter 2020 Catalog From Berkshire

Click the catalog cover at left to open a flipbook showing Winter Spotlight titles. The pansy you see on the cover of this catalog was growing in a crack in the pavement outside a hotel in the Cotswolds. Its beauty, and determination, holds a message. We humans, too, have an immense capacity for renewal. Berkshire is doing more and more

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The Way Of Eating Appears In South China Morning Post & The Beijinger

This Qing Dynasty Foodie Taught Farm-To-Table Two Centuries Before It Was Cool "Like many people, we like to read and collect cookbooks but until recently we had never used one published more than 200 years ago. That has now changed thanks to the publication of an English version of a Qing dynasty cookbook and general meditation

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Big History Ebooks Now Available For WH & BHP Classes

Cynthia Stokes Brown wrote BIG HISTORY, SMALL WORLD to help Big History Project students and their teachers, many of whom she knew and befriended in the earliest days of big history education. David Christian's THIS FLEETING WORLD is widely used in AP World History as well as big history courses. BIG HISTORY: A BERKSHIRE ESSENTIAL is a collection of essays by some

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Touchdown: Sports & Politics, Football In China

From the chapter on China in Touchdown: An American Obsession Goes Global, in which the author notes that American football has drawn Chinese fans away from the NBA : Playing football has gradually become a sign of fashion among some in the younger generation. American football was introduced to China around the beginning of the twentieth century,

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Thanksgiving Feast Yuan Mei

Marjolijn Kaiser, Berkshire's China projects editor, is a fan of the American Thanksgiving holiday in spite of being Dutch and a vegetarian. She is quite the expert on turkey alternatives, but this year she's been even more creative than usual: she's developed a Thanksgiving menu based on recipes from Yuan Mei’s eighteenth-century gastronomical manual, which Berkshire

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Do we need more science education? How big history explains climate change

A major barrier to effective international action is skepticism about climate change in the United States, the richest and most powerful country in the world, and the country with the largest scientific establishment and the largest number of Nobel Prize winners. This skepticism baffles many. It is true that powerful interests have conducted a well-funded and

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What is science anyway?

David Christian, Macquarie University; WCU Professor, Ewha Womans University, Seoul This article is adapted from the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History. The English word science derives from the Latin scire, “to know.” In many languages, the word science or its equivalents can be used broadly to mean “a systematic body of knowledge that guides our relations with

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The Peeps Potential

Guest post from Marjolijn Kaiser: Detailed contents of package: 6 packs Peeps 2 bags Coconut M&Ms 3 bottles vanilla extract 1 bottle maple syrup The shipping information on the box I am sending to myself after a short trip to the US pretty much sums up my culinary experience of the past week and a half.

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