Berkshire Publishing’s wonderful graphic designer, production manager, and ebook maven, Anna Myers, is going to be married to her long-time beau, Frank Sabatini, on 11 August, at Simon’s Rock College, where they met.

Anna’s work can be seen in all Berkshire’s publications since 2009. I remember working with Anna on the design for the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, the first of our “new style” encyclopedias with far more illustrations and a design that echoed elements we liked in books published in China. She brought a special flair to this, in part because of her own Chinese-American background, and she even contributed a childhood photograph of her mother and extended family. I’m very happy to see her take this next step in her life, and glad that it won’t mean losing her talents at Berkshire Publishing, even with a move to New York.

Here is a link to their wedding page and Anna has promised us more news and background soon (once they get their honeymoon booked).

Bill Siever writes: Anna Myers is the nicest person I have ever met. My coworkers will attest to the fact that I often say that such and such is the best, the most, etc. But this time I really mean it. As Mar said, Anna has always gone out of her way to invite her coworkers (many of whom are not originally from the area, including me) to concerts and other local events.

A few months ago, actually it was on Memorial Day, I made the mistake of leaving my keys in the ignition in my car, thus killing the battery. I biked down to Anna’s house, just down the road, to ask if she’d mind coming over to my house for a couple of minutes to help me jump start the car. We tried in vain for over an hour in the sweltering heat, to no avail – the battery was dead as a doornail and her Honda’s battery wasn’t up to the task. Five hours later, my wife Amy and I and Anna were still sitting on our deck, playing Yahtzee while we waited for AAA to rescue us. It was really nice talking to Anna for an extended amount of time, because so often at work we don’t have that opportunity. And of course, she was not at all grumpy, as most people would be, about spending her precious day off at a coworker’s house, waiting for AAA.

I’ve only met Frank a couple of times, but I can tell they’re a perfect match and will be very happy together. I wish them the both all the best for their marriage – they deserve each other!

Mar Kaiser: Here at Berkshire, we come from all over, but it is a small world after all. It turned out Anna and I both had significant others living in Cambridge, MA, and Anna was kind enough to offer me a ride on the weekends she went out there. What is usually a rather boring 2 hour drive became a change to get to know each other better, listen to some good music, and share stories. She also invited me to join her to some dance classes, and always informed us of her dad’s performances in the downtown Gypsy Joint. I just moved out here, and didn’t know many people, so having Anna reaching out like that was really a wonderful thing! And one of my favorite memories of this year is twisting to James Taylor singing “Let’s Twist Together” on Tanglewood with Frank and Anna. Keep on dancing, you two!

PS: That amazing cake was made by Mar, whose attitude towards chocolate is true to her Dutch nationality. She used 20 ounces of chocolate. True to Berkshire Publishing’s reputation for appreciating the fine things in life, the whole huge cake was gone in 24 hours. Mar and Tom even had some for breakfast.