Since I’ve complained vociferously about airport security in recent years, as expensive and ineffectual, and about security personnel, as frivolous or fascist, it’s only fair to give some praise. Yesterday, coming back from Atlanta after less than 24 hours, was probably the worst travel day of my life, at least in terms of the number of incidents. A highpoint was having a security guard work his way painstakingly through the suitcase I was carrying on only because I’d arrived too late to check it, unzipping every pocket and finally unzipping the lining itself after calling another guard over to watch. Voila! He pulled out a Swiss Army knife that’s been missing for two years.

This guard was thorough and determined but gracious throughout, telling me where I could go to mail the knife to myself and about how he’d found someone’s missing watch, worth $25,000, in a similar way. Of course I didn’t have time at that point to go to the post office, but at least I now know what happened to the knife!

I did make it home on the 5.59 train from Grand Central, but found myself sailing into the Wassaic train yard at the end of the line, having missed the announcements about moving to a different car to get off at the platform. I guess I was still giddy from the discussions in Atlanta.