The photo comes from the report we just received from Sanlian, the Chinese press that has just published a translated edition of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, edited by William H. McNeill et al. A little of the report’s text is below, thanks to Google Translate, the backstory is here, and links to the announcement and extensive summary report are at these links:

Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Human Civilizations: “Berkshire World History Research Guide”

A base for the construction of a discourse system on major theoretical issues in human history

Xu Minyue 2023-12-19 Guangqi Reading Club NO. 40, Sponsor: Guangqi International Scholars Center, Shanghai Normal University

“Baokushan [Berkshire] World History Research Guide” is the latest reflection of the contemporary Western historians’ understanding of human history. It breaks through the large and comprehensive, comprehensive, and incisive writing style of previous encyclopedias. It selects the important ones and highlights the narration of new knowledge and new knowledge. Concepts, new methods. This book observes the world’ s various cultures in a communication system and systematically sorts out their respective contributions to human civilization; by connecting special regional history with the broader world history, it helps readers understand the past of mankind. The entries are arranged with unique originality, self-contained system, and interactive retrieval. The text pays attention to both documentary materials and the use of visual materials, making i  easy to read; it looks at the development of world history with the concept of connection, focusing on the comprehensive and comprehensive study of grand themes and traditional themes.

Editor’s Choice: World history is complex, dynamic, and inclusive. With more than 500 entries and six volumes, this book presents Western historians’ research on world history based on the rapidly growing amount of information after the Second World War. From a perspective, it organizes, analyzes and explains the complex and complex human history, shapes the movements, exchanges and changes of the world we know today, and inspires people to think deeply. Human history as a whole is an important thing worthy of people’ s study and thinking. The editor of this book’ s selection and arrangement of research topics not only reflects the simple text level, but also the knowledge level, “human communication network is global,” allowing readers to experience the ” movement” of reading and the ” movement” of world history at the same time.



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