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Berkshire Blog 2004-2023

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This blog, mostly written by Karen Christensen but occasionally by Berkshire staffers, was started at the end of 2004. Over the years, it changed. Some of this informal notes moved to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter , and perhaps other now-forgotten platforms. Much moved into regular email newsletters. Some of those newsletters were also posted to the blog, conscious as we  have always been that online platforms change, and disappear. Karen is mostly to be found on Substack now, and at her own website, KarenChristensen.org. We’re preserving the 2004-2023 record here, and starting a new blog for current Berkshire news, in addition to our mailings for teachers and librarians, at Berkshire Bookworld. Karen’s blog was featured in the Washington Post in 2006: that story is here.

January 2005

Reading women’s lives

One of the great errors made by those enthralled by technology is that, as even some true e-leaders have claimed, "everything will be on the web." No one who's rooted around in dusty old

The wonders of a city

I'm writing from Rome, so the city is on my mind. Getting all of world history, or rather enough of world history, into five volumes was a considerable challenge. One thing we had to do

Global warning

The newspaper I picked up in London this morning announced that global climate change, or global warming, is now thought likely to be twice as bad as previously projected. This came from an article

Dear Mrs. Eliot…

The first thing I did when I got to Heathrow today was buy a Guardian. Indeed, my article was there, opening the Review section, and the cover is a rather lovely blue with a

February 2005

Nonpublication news

I didn't realize that my article on the Eliot letters was also a news item, ""A closed book." I've been enjoying a day of meetings with literary people, after a long day of publishing talk

Finding the center

Understanding and explaining 'global perspectives' is a vital part of what we do, and being in Rome and London gave me a new sense of cultural anchor points to people around the world. While many

One drop at a time

Midwinter is when the gardening bug strikes me, because I’m so much in need of greenery and flowers (and folic acid!). One thing I’m doing is growing sprouts, sick of the high prices and dreariness

Sounds like Faulker

Speaking of machine translation, I can't resist sharing a site my daughter came across. Is it William Faulkner or a machine translation? Sounds Like Faulkner. When you really think about the myriad meanings of words,

Greener paper?

I hadn't thought much about what it would mean for a publisher also to be an author. But when I was in London last week I was definitely caught on the fence. I was talking

Bad business

I've been reading about Carly Fiorina, the deposed CEO of Hewlett-Packard. Yesterday's New York Times said she'd been brought in to change the culture and tried to go too far. "Changing the culture" is

Following up from Charleston

Interdisciplinary publishing has been Berkshire's focus since early days, perhaps because our partnership is interdisciplinary. I studied English and comparative literature and write about environmental issues and community. I also have a great interest in

Du Bois under fire

It's about time that I report on the conflict over whether or not to commemorate the most famous citizen in this small town's history, the African-American scholar and activist W. E. B. Du Bois.



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