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Karen Christensen is an entrepreneur, environmentalist, and occasional scholar who also writes about how women gain and wield power. She is the owner and CEO of Berkshire Publishing Group, a research associate of the Fairbank Center at Harvard, a member of the National Committee on US-China Relations, and founder of the Train Campaign. She was a trustee of the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Press, Read Karen’s occasional dispatches from the frontlines of international publishing at Karen's Letter on Substack, and follow her on Twitter etc @karenchristenze.

Letter from Oxford: Wives, Daughters, Mothers, and Other Women behind Famous Men

It’s International Women’s Day and I am at the History Faculty in Oxford, at the Thanks for Typing Conference organized by Wolfson College. I'll be speaking tomorrow about Sophia Mumford and Valerie Eliot, who were married to Lewis Mumford and T. S. Eliot. Here's the conference background: "When a series of tweets with #ThanksForTyping hashtag appeared in 2017,

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Who Says You Can’t Change the World?

You can’t change the world, Karen.” I’ve lost track of who said that to me, because it’s happened more than once. I might be on my soapbox about something or other—eliminating plastics, or transforming the publishing industry, or having an efficient and economical passenger rail service in the United States—and my friend will nod and smile

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How to choose the right bar (and what to do when you’ve walked into the wrong one)

We have just received advance copies of The Joy of Tippling by Ray Oldenburg. Like the bestselling The Great Good Place: Cafes, Coffee Shops, Bookstores, Bars, Hair Salons, and Other Hangouts at the Heart of a Community, his new book is packed with factual information, humor and wit, personal insights, and sound sociological observations. The Joy of

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The search for real Chinese food: Stories from cafeterias and dorm rooms

Berkshire is going to publish an American version of a cookbook originally written for UK college dining halls. It has been highly praised by experts on authentic Chinese cuisine as really excellent, accurate, and refreshing. While it was designed by professional chefs for institutional catering staff, the recipes have been cut to family-size measurements (catering professionals

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Looking at Berkshire’s LoveUSHateUS.com in 2018

Thinking about how China is perceived always brings me back to the time when the Washington DC-based Congressional Quarterly Press asked us to develop three volumes called Global Perspectives on the United States (which we eventually published ourselves under the Berkshire imprint, after CQP tried to censor the contents). This was towards the end of the

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How to start an online email group for your neighborhood or business

I've been running a listserv called TheHillGB for some years now, and just received this question from a member: "I am considering creating a listserv for work-related purposes. As moderator of this list, do you have any good resources for the whats and hows of developing and maintaining a strong, functional listerv?" (The word listserv was original coined

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