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Berkshire Publishing Group 宝库山 is a boutique educational and academic press, specializing in books and online resources in international relations, cross-cultural communication, global business and economic information, and environmental sustainability. We are known for our publications about China and for our partnerships with Chinese presses.

Do we need more science education? How big history explains climate change

A major barrier to effective international action is skepticism about climate change in the United States, the richest and most powerful country in the world, and the country with the largest scientific establishment and the largest number of Nobel Prize winners. This skepticism baffles many. It is true that powerful interests have conducted a well-funded and

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What is science anyway?

David Christian, Macquarie University; WCU Professor, Ewha Womans University, Seoul This article is adapted from the Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History. The English word science derives from the Latin scire, “to know.” In many languages, the word science or its equivalents can be used broadly to mean “a systematic body of knowledge that guides our relations with

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The Peeps Potential

Guest post from Marjolijn Kaiser: Detailed contents of package: 6 packs Peeps 2 bags Coconut M&Ms 3 bottles vanilla extract 1 bottle maple syrup The shipping information on the box I am sending to myself after a short trip to the US pretty much sums up my culinary experience of the past week and a half.

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How Big is the Crimea?

In all the news about the Crimea lately, one thing I couldn't quite figure out was how big a place the Crimea is. I then remembered a website I discovered a while back called "MAPfrappe.com." MAPfrappe allows you to take the outline of one place and superimpose it on more familiar places. It's clever enough to

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Fun with “parallel constructions”!

Hey boys and girls! Today's topic is "parallel constructions." Why, in God's name, do I want to discuss something with such a horrible sounding name? Parallel construction is the art of keeping lists in your writing consistent, whether it's a list of things you're going to do on vacation, a list of things that drive you

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Let the Games Begin!

A young ski jumper at the annual Salisbury, Connecticut Ski Jumps, February 2013. The record jump for the day was 71 meters. Photo by Ryan Siever. The Winter Olympics start today in Sochi, Russia! While many in the Western world view Russia as a bewildering place of vodka and extreme cold, those who know

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We have a government again! Time to publish some books

Hooray! We have a government again. That means it's time to get our applications sent off to the Library of Congress for all our upcoming books: This Is America (oh, the irony that this book was delayed by the shut-down); the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, which we'll be officially launching in Sydney, Australia in early

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New at Berkshire: Custom Publishing

We've started a new service here at Berkshire - custom publishing. This link on our website has more about this service. In a nutshell, this is for academic authors (or institutions like non-profits and NGOs) who have a wonderful manuscript all ready to go ... and who don't want to wait around for three years while

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Seven Things I’ve Learned Recently

1. The northeastern Australian state of Queensland is four times the size of California but has only 3.5 million people - about the size of Connecticut, or one-fifth the size of New York City. 2. You've heard of 3-D printing, right? Well, now there is 4-D printing. This involves printing 3-D items that have the ability

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