A month ago I landed in China for a trip that took me to a food and wine conference in Shandong Province, to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Shanghai for meeting with authors, publishers, and distributors, and allowed me to spend two and a half weeks in Beijing seeing friends, colleagues, and family – including my son, who now works in the finance department of a health-care management company.

The trip came immediately after BookExpo America (BEA) in New York, where I signed an agreement with the Guangdong People’s Publishing Group and spoke at events organized by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press and the BEA Global Forum. Here’s some of the Chinese media coverage:

Two of Berkshire’s major reference titles are being published in Chinese. The six-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History 宝库山世界历史百科全书 第3版 is being translated by Shanghai SDX Joint Publishing上海三聯書店, and the 10-volumeBerkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, which has nearly 1,000 international contributors, by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Press. Berkshire also works with the Encyclopedia of China Publishing House 中国大百科全书出版社有限公司, distributing some of its titles. I’ve posted some photos taken at meetings in different cities at our blog. (Click here to view slideshow).

I also took a vast number of food photographs and notes, which I’ll be using for our Chinese Cuisines project and in our new, free newsletter: China Cooks! As ever, I was blown away by the variety, creativity, and beauty of Chinese food, and I can’t wait to share it with you, in writing, in our books and online publications, and in real life, too, when our paths cross.

Happy Independence Day! (Strawberry shortcake is on the menu. Click here for my recipe.)




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