2015 is a crucial year for progress on global cooperation and Pope Francis knows it, making climate change the focus of his first “encyclical,” a kind of proclamation. He will speak on the subject at the UN General Assembly in September, all this to lend a sense of urgency to the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December 2015.

Pope Francis’s clear statement that climate change is the moral issue of our time, with far-ranging consequences for vulnerable people and societies as well as the natural world, has reinforced our idea, at Berkshire Publishing, that thinking about a sustainable future begins with understanding our beliefs and values. We launched the 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability in 2012 with a volume called The Spirit of Sustainability, and are about to release a condensed paperback book derived from it, designed for classroom use.

Editor Willis Jenkins writes, “We inhabit many moral worlds; can we learn to inhabit one shared planet? . . . Not only must we know how religious and spiritual traditions think about their environments, or how nature provokes spirituality, but how we can meet the integrative, comprehensive challenges of sustainability with the civic and moral resources available to us.”

The Berkshire Essential Religion and Sustainability can be ordered now and will be available for shipping April 2015. If you are considering classroom adoption, contact us now for a digital review copy.

The Spirit of Sustainability can be ordered as a standalone print or ebook, and the entire set of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is available to libraries, by purchase order, at a 20% discount until the end of May.

More information on the Paris Conference: http://www.un.org/climatechange/.




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