I find the conference invitation below fascinating. Fiddling while Rome burns? That’s not a good analogy. Maybe this is simply proof that “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.” (That’s Alexander Pope, the English poet, by the way.) I’m wondering if I can afford to go to any conferences in the near future, including the Information Industry Summit in New York in January, flagship event of the SIIA. And in that case I’m on the board!

As the impending recession is confronting M&A executives with drastic instability and change, many are wondering where M&A is headed in this current economic climate.  It is against this backdrop that Argyle Executive Forum presents its 2009 Leadership in Corporate Divestitures and Acquisitions Forum, which will take place in Manhattan on January 27.

The event will include corporate insights into the M&A market from business leaders such as Micah Green, Senior Vice President of Business Development at AOL, Dave Johnson, Vice President Corporate Development at IBM, and Roger Marinzoli, Vice President, Mergers & Acquisitions, at Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, among several others.


Visit: www.execforum.net/corpdivest2009
-Enter Invitation Code: “DIVEST”
-Select Registration Type: Individual Attendee -Security Code: “GTR8”
*Ticket Price: $975

Tables are also available for purchase at $5,000/ half table and $8,500/ full table.  Please visit www.execforum.net/tables to purchase a table.

You may also contact Erin Sauter at esauter@execforum.net or 646 839 0028 to inquire about purchasing a ticket or table.