I never ever feel like I’m with it. I was the commune runaway who didn’t like rock music and joined the library. Today, when I’m being asked to speak about social networking and China and sustainability, I still can’t believe I’m in sync with my time. Or I couldn’t, until just now, when I found this blog post by Adam Nash, “Senior Director, Product” at LinkedIn, and realized that I’m one of hundreds of people asking the same question: “The truth is, of all the questions I get about LinkedIn, this is one of the most consistent ones. People are just fascinated by People You May Know (that’s the name we gave to that particular application).” Seriously, I got a warm feeling when I saw the date of the post, 3 January 2008 – figuring it’d be 2004 or something embarrassing – and learned that I’m one of many who are both alarmed and awed by the mysterious algorithms that LinkedIn is using to identify people I might know.