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Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability 9/10: Afro-Eurasia: Assessing Sustainability


Volume 9 of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability examines sustainability in Africa, Europe, and western Asia.

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Afro-Eurasia: Assessing Sustainability focuses on the geographic area where humans originated and first began to make use of the natural world – Earth’s largest landmass, stretching from Portugal in the west across the steppes of Russia and south across Africa to the Cape of Good Hope. By examining the history of human expansion, as well as 21st century pressures to address ecosystem damage across the region, international scholars and regional experts weave sustainability into core curricular subjects. The interdisciplinary coverage includes national and regional environmental histories, as well as business and commerce, migration, educational institutions, law and government, and the lifestyles of diverse populations.

Below are links to the ten volumes of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability:

Vols. 1–10: The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Vol. 1: The Spirit of Sustainability

Vol. 2: The Business of Sustainability

Vol. 3: The Law and Politics of Sustainability

Vol. 4: Natural Resources and Sustainability

Vol. 5: Ecosystem Management and Sustainability

Vol. 6: Measurements, Indicators, and Research Methods for Sustainability

Vol. 7: China, India, and East and Southeast Asia: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 8: The Americas and Oceania: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 9: Afro-Eurasia: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 10: The Future of Sustainability

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宝库山 可持续百科全书: 欧亚非洲: 评估可持续性发展 (第九卷)