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Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability 3/10: The Law and Politics of Sustainability


Volume 3 of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability covers the many dimensions of international environmental law and politics.

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The Law and Politics of Sustainability explores efforts made to address pressing environmental concerns through legislation, conventions, directives, treaties, and protocols. Articles explain the mechanics of environmental law, the concepts that shape sustainable development, case studies and rulings that have set precedents, approaches to sustainable development taken by legal systems around the world, and more. Experts and scholars in the field raise provocative questions about the effectiveness of international law versus national law in protecting the environment, and about the effect of current laws on future generations. They analyze the successes and shortcomings of present legal instruments, corporate and public policies, social movements, and conceptual strategies, offering readers a preview of the steps necessary to develop laws and policies that will promote genuine sustainability.

Below are links to the ten volumes of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability:

Vols. 1–10: The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability

Vol. 1: The Spirit of Sustainability

Vol. 2: The Business of Sustainability

Vol. 3: The Law and Politics of Sustainability

Vol. 4: Natural Resources and Sustainability

Vol. 5: Ecosystem Management and Sustainability

Vol. 6: Measurements, Indicators, and Research Methods for Sustainability

Vol. 7: China, India, and East and Southeast Asia: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 8: The Americas and Oceania: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 9: Afro-Eurasia: Assessing Sustainability

Vol. 10: The Future of Sustainability

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Klaus Bosselmann, University of Auckland, Daniel S. Fogel, Wake Forest University, J.B. Ruhl, Vanderbilt University Law School

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Patricia Wouters, University of Dundee

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宝库山 可持续百科全书: 可持续性发展的法律和政策 (第三卷)