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Berkshire Encyclopedia of China: Modern and Historic Views of the World’s Newest and Oldest Global Power


The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China provides unrivaled insight into Chinese history and culture today in nearly 1,000 fascinating articles that include everything from “Adoption” and “One Child Policy” to “Confucian Ethics” and “Food Safety.”

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Library Journal‘s Best Reference 2010

“Take a publisher with a decade of experience in China, add a group of well-known Chinese and Western scholars, pay special attention to details (each of the 800 articles begins on its own page, all article titles are rendered in English, Chinese characters, and transliterations), add 1100 unique photographs, sprinkle in dozens of traditional Chinese proverbs, do it all on recycled, chlorine-free paper, throw in a year of free online access, and the end result is this sumptuous resource on all things China for the 21st century.”

China is changing our world, and Berkshire Publishing, known for its award-winning encyclopedias on a wide array of global issues including the award-winning six-volume Encyclopedia of Modern Asia, is proud to publish the first major resource designed for students, teachers, businesspeople, government officials, and tourists seeking a greater understanding of China today.

The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is extensively illustrated from museum and library archives and a wide variety of other sources, including the extensive collection of photographer and Chinese art specialist Joan Lebold Cohen. The volumes have been designed in full color for the online edition. See some of the color photographs in the Table of Contents and Contributors. Amongst the authors are eminent western scholars William Theodore de Bary and William H. McNeill, and contributions from leading scholars including Daniel Bell, Kerry Brown, John Howkins, Guo Liang, Cheng Li, Colin Mackerras, Jennifer Turner, and Nick Young.

With its coverage of environmental issues, global economics, online communications, and the latest political developments, the five-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of China is truly a 21st-century work. While these volumes include many articles about China’s earliest history – going back more than 5,000 years – the Encyclopedia of China is focused on the events, concepts, and people that matter today. The authors of its 800 accessibly written and lavishly illustrated articles, which range from 600 to 6,000 words, are scholars at major Chinese and Western universities and research institutes. Article titles appear in English and in Chinese with pinyin transliterations and tones to help those studying the language, while primary text sidebars add historical perspective. The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China provides unrivaled insight into China’s past, present, and future.

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宝库山 中华全书:跨越历史和现代 审视最新和最古老的全球大国