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The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography uses the life stories of 135 key individuals, selected from the earliest dynasties to the present day, to tell the story of China itself over the entire span of its history.

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The Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography, the first publication of its kind since 1898, is the work of more than one hundred internationally recognized experts from nearly a dozen countries. It has been designed to satisfy the growing thirst of students, researchers, professionals, and general readers for knowledge about China. It makes the entire span of Chinese history manageable by introducing the reader to emperors, politicians, poets, writers, artists, scientists, explorers, and philosophers who have shaped and transformed China over the course of five thousand years. In 135 entries, ranging from 1,000 to 8,000 words and written by some of the world’s leading China scholars, the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography takes the reader from the important (even if possibly mythological) figures of ancient China to Communist leaders Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. The in-depth essays provide rich historical context, and create a compelling narrative that weaves abstract concepts and disparate events into a coherent story. Cross-references between the articles show the connections between times, places, movements, events, and individuals. The three-volume set includes a range of appendices, including a timeline of key events, a pronunciation guide, a bibliography, lists of rulers and other prominent people, and other supplemental materials for students of Chinese history and culture. Volume Four (which is published separately) focuses on key individuals from the People’s Republic of China’s post-opening era, starting in 1979.

BerOxford Referencekshire Publishing is proud to announce that volumes 1-3 of the Berkshire Dictionary of Chinese Biography are available for purchase online via Oxford University Press in full color. Contact your OUP representative for more information.

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Christopher Cullen, Needham Research Institute; Cambridge University, Julia Lovell, University of London, Guoxiang Peng, Zhejiang University, Chloe Starr, Yale University, Jan Stuart, The British Museum, John E. Wills, Jr., University of Southern California, Frances Wood, British Library




Kerry Brown, China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney

Associate Editor

Patrick G. Boehler, University of Hong Kong, Wai Tsui, The Chinese University of Hong Kong











Chinese Title

宝库山 中华传记字典 (第1-3卷)