Exact Editions of Berkshire titles available now

An exciting and exacting development here at Berkshire: you can now browse a number of our recent bestselling titles thanks to an innovative European company, Exact Editions. We offering these titles FREE for a limited trial period, no login required, to give librarians a taste of what Berkshire offers, from the most authoritative and thoughtful resource on world history available (that’s what reviewers say!) to our new Global Perspectives on the United States.

Click Berkshire Publishing at Exact Editions to view and search the titles currently uploaded. There’s some sophisticated search and indexing going on here, and you’ll see that our innovative book design—and “extreme numbering”—shows up well in this presentation.

This platform provides fast searching of text, maps, captions, and index, as well as extensive linking within the text. We’re providing access to the complete volumes for this limited introductory period.

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