>> Shreddin’ the gnar in the Year of the Dog: 狗年旺旺! Gǒu nián wàng wàng!

 Shreddin’ the gnar in the Year of the Dog: 狗年旺旺! Gǒu nián wàng wàng!

Haiwang Yuan 袁海旺, author of our forthcoming Becoming a Dragon, tells us that the Chinese onomatopoetic word to describe the bark of dog – wang 汪 – became popular because it is homophonic with 旺, which is part of Haiwang’s name. People today often say 狗年旺旺 (literally, “Wishing you a prosperous dog year”). He and all of us at Berkshire Publishing most heartily wish you 狗年旺旺!

The Winter Olympic Games are about to open in Pyeongchang, South Korea, so we can’t resist mentioning sports. While dogs don’t snowboard (except in YouTube videos), they are a crucial part of one winter sport: Sled Dog Racing, a traditional endeavor that has its origins in North American indigenous culture. Read about its history in the International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports – click here to download the free PDF. Snowboarding, on the other hand, is a new and “extreme” sport. Here’s a lengthy article about its history written by New Zealand scholar Holly Thorne, published in the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Extreme Sports that Holly co-edited – click here to download the free PDF.

The Olympics were intended to promote peace. Founder Pierre de Coubertin believed that peaceful internationalism (not superficial or merely commercial cosmopolitanism) would correct narrow-minded nationalism, while also acknowledging the differences and characteristics of other nations. Let that be so, and let the Games begin! (Much more on this and other social and political aspects of sport can be found in our past and forthcoming sports titles. You’ll see a few of them below.)

Finally, here’s a link to preorder Haiwan Yuan’s Becoming a Dragon: Forty Chinese Proverbs for Lifelong Learning and Classroom Study. It’s in production now and will be on display at the Asian Studies Conference next month.

Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, Third Edition China Gold: China’s Quest for Global Power and Olympic Glory Football: An American Obsession Goes Global

狗年旺旺! Gǒu nián wàng wàng!

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