>>What is the Belt and Road?

What is the Belt and Road?

Berkshire Belt & Road Publishing bannerWhen I found myself wondering, “What is the Belt and Road?” I thought back to one of the most remarkable days in our family’s life together, the 36 hours or so we spent in Dunhuang, in the west of China. It was suppose to be two days, en route between Xi’an and Urumqi, but sandstorms intervened, and we whiled away the hours in an airport hotel, playing cards and eating raisins. The skimpy dinner, raisins and other oddments from our emergency kit, was preferable to the hotel restaurant, we decided, after seeing dead fish floating in the tank outside.

But the Dunhuang hotel was another matter, and we were bowled over by the sand dunes and by the  Buddhist caves. We were devastated to have to leave so soon. Tom and Rachel were whispering in a corner and finally admitted that they had contemplated stealing our passports and hiding them so we would not be able to leave. Or selling them and using the money to stay put themselves for a while.

Dunhuang is on what was the Silk Road, and today in China one continually hears about the new Silk Road: the “One Belt One Road” or “Belt and Road Initiative.”  This project is China’s “going out” to the world. Berkshire has published a great deal about trade routes and Silk Roads, so it was natural to develop a plan for publishing books that would introduce and explain the Belt and Road. Under this imprint, we’ll be publishing books and online resources in cooperation with Chinese companies and publishing house.

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