>>The miracle of what we do: a note about global networking

The miracle of what we do: a note about global networking

I read a line in Remote: Office Not Required, a book about remote working by the founders of 37Signals, and laughed. They wrote, “So when in doubt or down about hitting a roadblock with remote work, just think, At least I’m not trying to corral and merge the work of 3,000 people across the globe on a single project. You’ll instantly feel better about the modest scope of your problem.”

Those tech guys were citing the developers of open-source software as the ones with the big challenge, but that’s is exactly what Berkshire Publishing does!

And the book? It’s one of those attractive $23 hardcover books that has very little inside. Snappy, but obvious: blog posts, not a book.

No harm done since I borrowed it from the library, and found a line that made me laugh. I’ll be reading this at the next staff meeting, and posting it on our Office 365 shared space.

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