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Libraries have changed but they continue to play a vital and irreplaceable role in education and in our communities

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Libraries have changed but the continue to play a vital and irreplaceable role in education and in our communities

“Good libraries make us great” was our slogan when we published the Good Library Manual, a successor to Berkshire’s 2007 coffee-table title Heart of the Community, better known by its subtitle The Libraries We Love. The book featured 82 US and Canadian public libraries, selected from 300 submissions that were due, naturally, on Valentine’s Day. Karen Christensen explains that “Berkshire Publishing would not exist but for the Poplar Bridges Elementary School Library in Bloomington, Minnesota, and the Cupertino Public Library in the heart of the Silicon Valley.” Read more at the Berkshire Blog.

The Good Library Manual sells at $22.95 in print and $9.99 as an ebook, but you can download a free copy today and get 11 proven design strategies to make your library even better. Simply click here, fill in your name and email, and your special link to download the free ebook edition of the Good Library Manual will be on its way to you.

What librarians and publishers are saying . . .

  • “A beautiful book, the advice is practical and upbeat, and it’s delivered in a delightful style.” —Kathleen Zaenger, Howell Carnegie District Library, Michigan
  • “Tim Coates’s passion, imagination, and determination are an inspiration for all of us.” —Hugh Andrew, Birlinn Publishers, Edinburgh
  • “Tim Coates knows more about libraries and how to make them better than any number of management consultants.” —Richard Charkin, Bloomsbury Publishing

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