>Berkshire Titles on Oxford Reference

Berkshire Titles on Oxford Reference

Berkshire Publishing Group is delighted to announce that its major multi-volume reference titles will be available from Oxford University Press. These titles are being added to the Oxford Reference platform:


Cover Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History, Second Edition The renowned Berkshire Encyclopedia of World History provides an integrated view of human and universal history. Environmental and social issues are examined by scholars in 580 articles from the big bang to the 21st century. Available in Chinese in 2016.
Cover Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport, Third Edition The authoritative Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport provides comprehensive coverage of the culture, history, and business of sports around the world. The third edition integrates Berkshire’s past work on women in sports and extreme sports into a complete sporting library.
Cover Berkshire Encyclopedia of China The Berkshire Encyclopedia of Chinaprovides unrivaled insight into Chinese history and culture today in nearly 1,000 fascinating articles that include everything from “Adoption” and “One Child Policy” to “Confucian Ethics” and “Food Safety.”
Cover Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability The 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is a unified resource that provides a balanced perspective on 21st-century global environmental issues. Available in Chinese in 2016.
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