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Nature is very dependable! (at least sometimes)

How’s this for accuracy? Yesterday I mentioned to my wife that we saw a skunk at work, and wondered if it was a bad thing to see a skunk out during the day. She said she’d read somewhere that skunks are coming out this time of year, and that it’s a sign of spring. So I got out my trusty copy of The Natural History of Western Massachusetts¬†(a great book that everyone who lives here or visits here should buy), and turned to the calendar of natural events, and lo and behold! It says that on 19/20 February the skunks are starting to venture out to breed. And yesterday was the 20th! Amazing.

Below is a snippet of the calendar from that book. I find it somehow comforting to know that with all the bad news about nature’s wrath getting worse and worse every year, some things still remain the same.

-Bill Siever

Source: Freeman, Stan, & Nasuti, Mike. (2007). The natural history of Western Massachusetts, p. 105. Florence, MA: Hampshire House Publishing Company.


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