>On missing the World Series

On missing the World Series

Post by Bill Siever, project coordinator:

I’m delving into the sports world now, for our new third edition of the Encyclopedia of World Sport, which anyone who knows me well will find quite amusing. I am quite possibly the least knowledgeable person about sports alive today, although as an outdoors enthusiast there are many sports I enjoy – mainly winter sports. I was very excited to see a hard frost on the ground today; with any luck we’ll have a better winter than last year, which was joylessly snow-free for almost the entire winter other than Halloween’s “Snowpacalypse.”

One sport I do thoroughly enjoy watching is baseball, although my loyalties shift with the wind and I only tend to get interested once the playoffs arrive. I am a horrible, horrible fan. And this year I managed to completely miss the World Series! I had absolutely no idea it was on. Some sports person I am! I am learning a lot working on this new encyclopedia, though, and I’m enjoying working with the various sports authors out there in the world who, thankfully, know their subjects much better than I!


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