>Bill Siever turns to WORLD SPORT

Bill Siever turns to WORLD SPORT

There’s never a dull moment or downtime at Berkshire Publishing. The day after the Encyclopedia of Sustainability went to the printers (copies roll off the presses and into shipping cartons in less than two weeks), Bill Siever gathered all my notes on the new Encyclopedia of World Sport and dived into that new and totally different project with an entirely group of people. A wonderful group, I might add: I have always loved working with our huge network of sports scholars. Here’s what Bill just wrote to one of the editors, which gives a great sense of how Bill approaches life, and clued me into another interesting fact or two about him.

I’ve been the project coordinator for the recently finished 10-volume Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability for the last four years, and have some experience with asking authors to update earlier articles they’ve written for us. But this is the first revised edition of an encyclopedia that I’ve worked on, so there’s a bit of a learning curve. I will, therefore, really appreciate your guidance in the coming weeks! Also, I am an avid outdoorsperson but I know relatively little about sports, so I’m looking forward to learning a lot about the subject. Apparently it runs in the family: a distant relative of mine – I think my father’s second cousin – died in the ’60s while trying to climb the Eiger, which I noticed we covered in the Encyclopedia of World Sport and will be covering in the new encyclopedia. I am an avid cross country skier and snowshoer and am fervently hoping for a snowy winter. I have never surfed, although I have attempted windsurfing in the past – and I think I need to stick to skis!

And here’s a little about the new sports publications from Berkshire:

The renowned Berkshire Encyclopedia of World Sport provides comprehensive coverage of the culture, history, and business of sports around the world. The third edition brings the study of sports into the 21st century by integrating Berkshires past work on women’s sports and extreme sports into a complete sporting library. The Times of London called the first edition of the Encyclopedia of World Sport, the newest sporting bible,” and Berkshire sports titles have been praised by GQ magazine, La Gazzetta dello Sport, and UK bookmakers William Hill and received awards from Choice, Library Journal, and Booklist. The new edition is designed for use in world history, regional history, international relations, global studies, and other social science and humanities courses. It includes updated and new articles on sports management and marketing, branding, sponsorship, sporting goods, and technology, as well as on environmental and economic issues. It consists of a five-volume print set and a digital edition that will include a much larger collection of articles and supplementary texts, charts, maps, statistical tables, teaching materials, and regular updates on major sporting events.

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