>>More staff skypes about the tornado warning

More staff skypes about the tornado warning

[3:55:10 PM] Trevor Young: Thanks Tom – dregs are still bad enough. I was out of power for 4 days last summer from a modest storm.
[3:55:44 PM] Tom Christensen: Looks like a long diagonal cell SW to NE, moving over Penn/NY border now.
[3:56:30 PM] Trevor Young: A thrilling evening for us all.
[3:57:08 PM] marjolijn kaiser: you missed your calling, weatherman Tom!
[3:57:19 PM] Bill Siever: I will hide in my garlic-scented basement
[3:57:58 PM] Trevor Young: Make sure to turn ALL PCs off, especially server if the thunder gets close.
[3:58:27 PM] Bill Siever: OK sure thing – should I just go ahead and turn it off, just in case?
[3:58:59 PM] marjolijn kaiser: when is this life threatening weather supposed to hit us?
[3:59:03 PM] *** marjolijn kaiser added Anna Myers ***
[3:59:24 PM] Trevor Young: 5 – 9pm

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