>>Why work at Berkshire Publishing?

Why work at Berkshire Publishing?

Spine view of Berkshire Encyclopedia of SustainabilityBill Siever, who was project coordinator for the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainabilitypublished in 2012, wrote this:

1. I started work at Berkshire Publishing thinking that I knew a lot about the world. I was in store for an awakening. I learn at least five new things pretty much every day, on everything from nanotechnology to environmental law in India.

2. I have had regular correspondence with authors from over 50 countries as project coordinator for the Encyclopedia of Sustainability.

3. I can’t guarantee this for you when you’re first starting out, but I never EVER run out of things to do, and the days fly by.

4. Berkshire’s a small company, so if you want to make a suggestion for how to improve something (anything), people listen.

5. Baked goods!

6. A cat!

7. Friendly co-workers!

8. Great Barrington and its surroundings are great, especially if you like to hike, bike, etc. Lots of culture in the area. Nice walkable downtown. I can walk to work. GB was named the best small town in US by Smithsonian magazine this month.

10. We cover topics that are interesting and important: China, the environment, community, etc. It’s good for morale when you feel that you’re contributing in some way to the greater good.

11. You will undoubtedly be asked to do all kinds of things that you have no idea how to do, but we’re a small company and help is always at hand.

PS: Berkshire Publishing’s cat, Magellan, and her brother, Shadowfax, are much missed. Bill himself has moved on to new endeavors, but like the many other staffers who got their start in publishing here, he made his mark on one of our landmark publications and is part of our history and our community.

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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