>International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Berkshire Essentials: Women's and Gender HistoryToday is International Women’s Day and we are celebrating at Berkshire Publishing by taking a long walk in the beautiful spring weather later this afternoon. The Christian Science Monitor has an interesting article with a little bit of history and an overview of how International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world.

“International Women’s Day has served for more than a century now as a day to honor the achievements of women globally. Observed on March 8, the kaleidoscope of IWD celebrations share a common thread of celebrating progress. International Encyclopedia of Women and SportsIWD was first celebrated in 1911 in four European countries, which held rallies drawing thousands of supporters. Until the 1970s, the day was largely recognized in Europe, but the significance of the day began expanding after 1975, when the United Nations made March 8 the official date. ”  You can read the entire article here.

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