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Bill’s first blog post (ever)

Bill Siever’s first ever blog post.

In the coming weeks I will (finally!) get started blogging in earnest. For material for this blog, I plan to mine my daily interactions with authors, editors, and others in the course of working on our 10-volume Encyclopedia of Sustainability. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to interact with so many smart people, and to give them feedback on their writing. We have a ton of authors for whom English is not their first language, and so as an English major who has spent my fair share of time slaving away in kitchens, coffee shops, a ship chandlery (please don’t ask about that one), etc., etc., I finally feel that I can help.

To quote Garrison Keiller, host of A Prairie Home Companion (a popular radio program here in the US), “Being an English major prepares you for impersonating authority.” I couldn’t agree more.

More from me soon!

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One thought on “Bill’s first blog post (ever)

  1. Hurray for Bill! This calls for celebration! Looking forward to future postings!

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