>Sustainability authors from 47 countries

Sustainability authors from 47 countries

BERKSHIRE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SUSTAINABILITYThe Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability is going to be massive, and it’s clearly going to break Berkshire Publishing’s record for the largest number of authors on a single project. We’re at over 675 contributors, and the number is growing quickly as we assign articles for the regional articles, Volumes 7-9. Here’s a map showing the locations of  Contributors to the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. They are spread across the globe, in 47 countries. We can see some gaps – Russia, West Africa – and will be working to expand our networks even more widely. I’m glad we have some authors in Central Asia and Latin America, traditionally difficult for us. Volume 4, on Natural Resources and Sustainability, will be going to press shortly! One of our editors just wrote, “It certainly is a mammoth task – but you do have an excellent team.”

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Karen Christensen is the CEO of Berkshire Publishing.

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