>This Is Islam now on Kindle

This Is Islam now on Kindle

This Is Islam coverAmazon was quick about this, and a good thing given the relevance of the subject. The cover is beautiful and so is the interior, by the way. Amazon.com: This Is Islam: From Muhammad and the community of believers to Islam in the global community (This World of Ours Series) eBook: Jamal J. Elias: Kindle Store.

Anna Myers, our designer, comments: “It looks pretty good, but you will probably notice that many of the accented characters will look odd at different zoom levels. This is because Kindle doesn’t support full unicode (this seems to be a problem for a lot of ebook platforms!) so we used image files instead to approximate it. Not ideal, but the only other option would be replacing with plain un-accented Latin characters.” See “Kindle goes international, but not multilingual”.

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