>The Spirit of Sustainability in Catholic Library World

The Spirit of Sustainability in Catholic Library World

Appropriate to get our first review in the religious press at Christmas time. Catholic Library World has reviewed Berkshire’s The Spirit of Sustainability, and here are a few lines from the review:

One particularly interesting entry, “White’s Thesis,” discusses a 1967 article by historian Lynn White, Jr. White suggested that Christianity bore some responsibility for today’s environmental problems because the belief that God gave humans dominion over the rest of creation gave rise to a cavalier view of ecological matters.

. . . The writing is informative and generally readable. Each entry includes suggestions for further reading. The book contains a thorough index. . . . This volume would be an appropriate acquisition for seminary libraries and for any collection where there is an emphasis on the study of ecology and religion. The more extensive ten-volume set may be of interest to academic and large public libraries.–William L. Keogan

I love the fact that we are reviewed in such varied publications. Here’s the review from School Library Journal:

Grade 9 Up—The stated goal of this series is to provide a resource in which information seekers can find everything they need to know about environmental sustainability. Students expecting only scientific concepts may be puzzled to find that the encyclopedia’s first volume (the nine others will be published individually through April 2011) focuses on moral issues. Nonetheless, the introduction offers convincing justification for presenting the ethical, religious, and philosophical aspects of sustainability, noting that, for many, a discussion of Earth’s environment is incomplete without addressing the spiritual.

The 147 alphabetically arranged articles cover world religions, concepts (“Sin and Evil,” “Racism,” “Nonviolence”), and ecological movements. With the charge to inform and to represent multiple perspectives, the writers of this thoughtfully produced volume stay on topic and handily present the relationship between their subject and the overall concept of sustainability. Further-reading lists conclude each entry. The remaining volumes will cover the economics, law, and science of sustainability as well as assessments of geographical locations. An e-version of the set will be available after all of the volumes are in print—Joanna K. Fabicon, Los Angeles Public Library

Volume 3, The Law and Politics of Sustainability, will be in print next week (31 December 2010). The remaining seven volumes are in progress and will be published before Fall 2011.

The Spirit of Sustainability is available at Amazon.com and other online stores, or directly from Berkshire Publishing. Discounts and special offers available to libraries, and institutional purchase orders are accepted.

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