Cloud to Cloud Lightning

Cloud to Cloud LightningCarl Kurtz: “All of us have had the opportunity to observe lighting in daylight and in darkness, and in the distance and likely when it was too close for comfort.  Lightning is immense charge of static electricity between a positively charged cloud and the negatively charged earth’s surface.  Lightning which within clouds or between clouds is actually more common than cloud to ground lightning.  If it occurs within a single cloud it is called intracloud lightning.  If it occurs between two clouds it is intercloud lightning.  This effect is also sometimes called sheet lightning since it may not be possible to see the actual lightning streak.  Be sure to observe from the safety of a building or a vehicle.”

This photograph comes from the ongoing observations of the natural world by Carl Kurtz, whose photograph of fireflies on the Iowa prairie graces the cover of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability. Carl can be contacted through Berkshire Publishing.

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