>Future food and sustainability

Future food and sustainability

Sushi isn’t future food but I guess sea plants are. Bill just cc’d me on a message to the scholar who will write on “Algae” for the Natural Resources volume of the Encyclopedia of Sustainability. He wrote, “One of the editors mentioned to me that algae is both a food source and an energy source, which I was not aware of, so I’m looking forward to reading it,” which reminded me of a conversation last week. Tom and Rachel were regaling our friends in Beijing with stories of how much of a health-nut I was when Tom was a baby. “She fed him spoonfuls of cod liver oil and handfuls of kelp tablets, and raw-grain muesli with nutritional yeast in it.”

I pointed out that Tom has never been really sick in his life. He got through all his school years, from age three, with barely a sniffle. “You were living in the future, Mum,” said Rachel, “when we’ll all be living on algae and yeast.”

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