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The moral certainty of environmentalists

Sorting old papers last weekend, I found letter from London editor about book chapter I contributed to a book about green politics in Europe. I wrote about green lifestyle change, having recently published my first book, Home Ecology. His letter said that he had removed references to meat and butcher shops because “this is a green book.” The certainty of some environmentalists that their particular position is Truth never appealed to me, and the variety of certainties was always amusing. I remember a letter from a reader that said I should have made it clear the only “green” form of education was home schooling.  Sounds a lot like religious fundamentalism, doesn’t it?

2 thoughts on “The moral certainty of environmentalists

  1. I wonder if he would consider an indigenous people like the Inuit to be green. Their very existence is centered around animal products.

  2. How wonderful to find your blog. I was inspired by your book Home Ecology 10 years ago, and bought some more of your books. Now I’m a green campaigner and director of a charity.

    And I live in Berkshire (UK).

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