>>My experience with Iran

My experience with Iran

I’ve been struggling with HTML and WordPress, trying to get a collection of Berkshire articles on Iran up. They’re very useful, and quite broad, but as you’ll see at this “parent” page, all the text is centered and I can’t figure out how to correct it. But I did get a hierarchy set up, so they’re easy to click to. A lot of excellent background reading, and the women’s sports articles are especially interesting. I used to consider my negotiations with the Islamic Women’s Sports Solidarity Council the highlight of my diplomatic efforts, and I was absolutely thrilled when they accepted, or at least did not reject, the article I wrote on the hijab, in the the context of women’s sports. At the same time I was dealing with a French feminist association that adamantly did not want Islamic countries to be allowed to send women to the Olympics until they dressed like Western women athletes. After the post-election conflict broke out last week, I hunted up the big full-color book they mailed to me from Tehran, back in 1999. It remains, somehow, a token of connection, and communication, and, somehow, makes me more hopeful in this time of crisis and violence.

Thursday morning: Now the parent page is straight but the “contents” list to the other articles is gone. Trevor’s helping me with this, stay tuned! Okay now. Thanks, Trevor.

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