>Preview and search the entire Encyclopedia of China

Preview and search the entire Encyclopedia of China

We’ve been working with Exact Editions for a while, but they’re really gone above and beyond with the online version of the Berkshire Encyclopedia of China, live as of this morning.

Please do try the search box above. Adam Hodgkin, founder of Exact Editions and also Xrefer (now Credo Reference), has been testing our coverage today and discovered that Barack Obama comes up four times — which makes all our frenetic last-minute updating of articles entirely worthwhile. President Obama is going to be working with China to frame the global discussion on a number of huge 21st-century issues, so in the next edition I’m sure our authors will have much more to say about his role in shaping U.S.-China cooperation on climate change, the global economy, and more. Here’s what Adam had to report in his blog:

Here are some sample entries:

Climate Change—​International Cooperation
Currency Valuation
Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour
Feng Shui
and we must have

not forgetting the complex index, with a lot of links.

The key thing about a big reference book such as this is that we can enjoy the richness of the search results. 163 hits for ‘Deng’, 17 for ‘HIV’, 106 for ‘Canton’, 16 for ‘Guangzhou’. ‘Nixon’ gets 39! and 4 for ‘Obama’. I wonder how many ‘Obama’ mentions there will be in the next edition?

Here are links (also with code provided so conveniently by Adam and his team) to the two types of licensing available. But the entire Encyclopedia of China is available for preview and searching at no charge — in a full-color version we’ve been able to produce quickly thanks to some great technical and design work by Anna Myers and Brad Walrod.

Individual single-user
Institutional access
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