>India vs. China — IT anomalies

India vs. China — IT anomalies

Isn’t it wonderful when the news actually echoes one’s own more obscure interests and information quests. I was pondering today the disconnect between the endless stream of e-mails I get from India offering technical and publishing services and the almost complete e-mail silence otherwise, even from scholars. I am in constant touch with Chinese scholars, even those who have very little English, by e-mail, and I’m in Skype contact with many people in China. I’m frequently asked why I focus on China instead of India, and this is one reason. I cannot consider doing extensive publishing about India or for the Indian market — even though the Commonwealth Games will be held there next year — when I can’t effectively reach authors and libraries. I went online to see if I could find some statistics from the World Internet Project, and came across this article, published only a couple of days ago: “China outdoes India in using IT effectively.” There must be an explanation for this, and I welcome any information about India’s communications infrastructure, and online culture.

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