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‘Tis the season – when we talk about homelessness

It’s strange to think that there is a season for homelessness, but there’s no doubt that it’s when the northern winter arrives and Christmas approaches that the press pays attention to those without shelter. Fortuitous then to receive a review by mail today from the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) of Berkshire’s 2005 Encyclopedia of Homelessness, published by Sage. This excellent work is now nearly four years old and Sage has raised the price to $400 for two volumes, and I’m writing to NCH to suggest they recommend the more recent Berkshire title, the Homelessness Handbook. I feel sure the reviewer would say the same about it (and it’s only $135):”NCH encourages sociologists, anthropologists, economists, historians, social policy analysts and planners, program administrators, physicians, social workers, lawyers who provide advocacy and services, journalists, students of history, social studies, and the social sciences departments in high school through graduate school to purchase this $400, 2-volume hardcover publication. It is surely an indispensable resource to anyone studying homelessness.”