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Streaming radio

I want to recommend a Dutch radio station I listen to a lot: They offer Baroque music, streaming endlessly without a bit of chat in any language. I play it through iTunes and end up listening to things I would never pick on my own, like the lovely piece that is playing right now, as you can see below (I also love this FoxyTunes add-in). I wish I could figure out some equivalent in publishing – a service as delightful as this that could be offered freely.
Now playing: Johann Joachim Quantz РMusica Antiqua K̦ln, Reinhard Goebel РConcert in G (Archiv 447644-2)
via FoxyTunes

2 thoughts on “Streaming radio

  1. You can also listen to Baroque – with no chat – at:

    We also get these channels on our cable TV in Canada

  2. Another wonderful music site! Many thanks.

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