>Join the conversation: What the world thinks about America

Join the conversation: What the world thinks about America

It’s not really a kid but instead a website, but this is what came to mind as I was reading through some comments on LoveUSHateUS.com this evening. I’m wondering how it might evolve and what we should do with this wealth of material. If you have grown-up or growing-up children, you’ll know the feeling you have when they say something particularly observant or wise: ‘How did it happen when I wasn’t looking?’ That’s how I feel when I click to see what an author at LoveUSHateUS.com has contributed and find pages of writing and interaction I haven’t kept up with. Here’s one example:

Recent Comments By Michel / France

Hello America, since nov 4th elections we love you again as the World has seen that in the US, decent, honest, clever and caring people outnumber morons, creationnists, ignorants and war mongers. Personnally I want to pay a tribute to this new America. I have an 8 year old son of mixed race as I’m white and as my wife is from the Carribean. Thanks to the happy outcome of your elections, my kid will have a very different outlook to the future and the world than he would have had just a generation ago. I could not have dreamt of a better example to show him that everything is possible and that skin color doesn’t matter. He doesn’t realize this of course (but I saw him very interested in the elections) as he never had to cope with discriminations. For him it will be something normal that a black man can become president of a big western nation. I know the great leap forward this represents and from the bottom of my heart I thank the American people for their historic vote. It is a real gift for a father like me. I don’t know if president Obama will solve all the problems in the US and abroad. But at least he presents a human face to your country. It seems that we can talk again, have a dialog and look towards the future. From global autistic bully you become overnight a model of tolerance and modernity. This is already a big revolution, just by voting O. you reversed the trend and you benefit now of a big momentum for action. Please don’t spoil it.
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Interesting article in the New York Times last weekend: “Behind Analysts, the Pentagon’s Hidden Hand”. It sheds some light on how the pentagon has manipulated the US media (and the people) over the Iraq war. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/20/washington/20generals.html?ref=world I’m curious to know what you Americans feel about this ?
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Shame, shame, shame for the US to block the negotiations about global warming in Bali. Your country should be leading the fight to save the planet, instead of making it impossible to progress. As you are the biggest polluter and the only developed country to oppose the treaty, we take this as an insult to the rest of the world.The Americans who still wonder why they are not popular anymore have here a perfect example of the reasons why. Double talking, big moral statements that are not followed by actions and selfish unilateralism are why we despise you.
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To Kathleen. Your response is just plain stupid and sounds like an excuse a kid would give to justify a bad result in school. Knowledge of other people’s culture and languages is absolutely crucial today. Because of world wide globalization everything is related, what happens here or there has repercussions at home or elsewhere. Just think about your army who doesn’t have enough Arab-speaking soldiers and has to rely on dubious Iraqi translators… If it is so difficult for americans (as you say) to learn another language because they have only two borders, then the US should just stop raising its voice in wold matters immediately. Electing twice for president a guy who only travelled to Mexico and can’t even speak proper english has provoked enough damage.
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Come on Lisa don’t give us that old White House spin that the French didn’t join because of “Chirac’s nasty oil deals”. The US and other western powers were all having oil and weapon deals with Sadam and were glad to help him against the Iranians (remember the Iraq-Iran war?). More, have you read Greenspan’s latest statements saying the current war was not about WMDs, Al Quaida links or democratisation, but actually about control of the oil fields… He must know what he is talking about since he was the chairman of the US Federal Reserve. The French didn’t join because they thought this war unwinable. Period. The later, FEMA style management of the occupation proved it. About America. We are thankful of all the good things the US gave to the world : the science, the Internet, the music, the movies and all other great achievements. We all felt hurt when 9-11 occurred and you benefited at the time from a worldwide momentum (No worldwide bashing at that time). But instead of focusing on the real target in Afghanistan (Bin Laden still at large) you went after a country that wasn’t involved and was actually Al Quaïda free (this, in contrary to you, we knew at the time) and created such a mess and havoc there that you are now losing the war on terror. The bad consequences of this disaster will affect us all for decades, not just the people of US and Iraq but the whole world, and this explains why so many men and women worldwide are angry at your government. You have failed as a world leader and tried to abuse us. A lot of people, like myself, who liked the US, couldn’t believe how this once great country could make such stupid mistakes and behave so arrogantly and, yes, criminally. Couldn’t believe that all your famed scientists, intellectuals, journalists, artists and politicians just kept silent, that your famed independant press (used to be a model for the rest of us) morphed into a reckless propaganda machine and that you actually re-elected this liar for a second term! If you want the critics to shut up simply clear the mess in Iraq and catch Bin Laden, secure a real balanced peace in Palestine, join the Kyoto treaty and the International Penal Court of Justice, lead the fight against global warming and, first of all, elect a decent president that reflects the high ideals you want your country to herald.
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This is a reply to Lisa. How do you think we felt in France for having to face almost 3 years of relentless and primal French bashing on virtually all American media without being allowed to reply? If you want to have a taste of it just type “surrender monkey” on google. All this because we didn’t kowtow to your government war plans and didn’t buy the lies. Had you listened and followed our advice then and concentrate on Afghanistan you wouldn’t be losing the war on terror.To answer more directly your post, when someone critisizes my country I don’t automatically feel the urge to raise the flag and put the chariots into a circle. I listen and I try to understand why he said that, before I make my opinion. You have to realize that quite a great number of people are thinking the US is going through some kind of autistic phase and has completely lost touch with the rest of us.While travelling I met some of your countrymen who finally got it. When they travel abroad they tell the people they meet that they are Canadian ! This would never have been the case before Bush.
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This is a message to “anon USA” and other American posters. By posting so many comments about your own country you are subverting this site. “Love US-Hate US” is about “what the world thinks of America” and not what Americans think of themselves. You should start your own site if you are frustrated with your government or if in the contrary you want to express your support of it. Here you should just shut up and listen to others instead of trying to justify and take all the place.This is exactly the problem we have with the US, always to try to hold on the mike, speak for others, monopolize the center stage and spread preconceived ideas about everything. It is very irritating. It is either arrogance or bad education.I found this site interesting at first but now I think it is getting boring because the original idea is lost. It is very caricatural to see that a tool created for the international community to express herself has become a private channel to express American frustrations, anger or self admiration. Rather choking but sadly predictable. How can you understand the rest of the world if you can’t sit quietly and listen.
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This web site is about “What the world thinks about America”, yet it is packed with US citizens boasting how great and good the USand A are. Is it too much for you to take some criticism ? Ten years ago the US was viewed in a much more positive way. Why has it changed is the question you should ask yourselves.
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Get rid of this incompetent president and all the neocons and creationists surrounding him. Clean up all the mess you made in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world. Close down Guantanamo. Join the Kyoto treaty and the International Court of Justice. Change your attitude, stop bullying around and be humble. Lead the fight against global warming. Switch to real football…. And maybe we will like you again.
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