We’ve been watching the Daily Show online, and enjoyed a segment with Doris Kearns Goodwin (who has, I guess, put plagiarism behind her). Stories of ugly presidential campaigns in history that make this year look not so bad. But it was talking to Bill McNeill, our world historian friend and adviser, that really put things in perspective. I told him that my 19-year-old daughter Rachel sounded giddy with excitement and hope this morning. She hasn’t been particularly interested in politics up till now, but that’s changed. She would be watching to see whom Obama picks for his cabinet, she said, and that next time we should make sure we could watch the results and speeches together. “I remember feeling like that in 1932,” said Bill, “when Roosevelt was elected.” (Bill, by the way, was the first person I knew to be an active, vocal supporter of Obama for president, long before he seemed a likely Democratic Party candidate.)

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