>BBC misreporting

BBC misreporting

I’ve been hearing complaints about the BBC’s reporting on China that have reinforced my impressions, but here is an example of misreporting that is much easily to dissect. The BBC is reporting, within the last couple of days, that Sarah Palin is the Republican Party’s superstar. This is simply not true, and it’s fairly obvious, I think, to most of us living in the United States. Here’s the US press on how her candidacy is taking its toll on the McCain campaign. But here’s a BBC video report that begins, “She is the new superstar of the Republican Party. She consistently gets a stronger cheer than John McCain. The party faithful love her.” Are they saying that those who quite clearly do not love her are not the Republican Party’s faithful? This is unfair Republican bashing, which I’m hearing a lot of these days. I actually found myself defending McCain’s supporters the other day because I was offended by the tone and the substance of the criticism being leveled. And here I am a huge Obama supporter!

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