>China’s crucial role

China’s crucial role

The New York Times has a good editorial today, As China Goes, So Goes …,” about the role China has now, in the global economic crisis, and about how we need to reposition ourselves, too,  in order to ensure that it can act as the responsible global stakeholder the rest of the world so urgently needs it to be, which is certainly what it intends.

Do also take a look at Premier WEN Jiabao’s interview on CNN of a couple weeks ago, when he was in New York, and his response to Fareed Zakaria’s first question, about whether China might ever use its currency reserves against the United States–something that some people certainly worry about and a good point to clear up at the beginning of the interview. I guess Zakaria likes to rushing right for the fence. CNN also kindly provides a transcript, if you prefer reading to listening or watching.

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